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Jeff Harris

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Jeff Harris
People's Party Candidate for Simcoe-Grey

Common Sense Policies

Simplify the Federal Tax System

Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax
If you sell your farm, small business, or cottage you will be able to keep 100% of any capital gain. You took the risk, so you should reap the reward. It’s only fair.

Save $5 billion a Year by Cutting Foreign Aid
Since Canada doesn’t have a balanced budget, it doesn’t make sense for us to borrow money that we then “give” away to other countries. Cutting foreign aid will save taxpayers 5 billion dollars a year.

Reduce Immigration Levels
Picking and choosing the best and the brightest immigrants from around the world to come to Canada is good for both Canada and the immigrants coming to Canada. However, there are limits to the number of people who can be successfully integrated into Canadian society in any given year. Putting a cap on immigration at a maximum of 150,000 people per year is a reasonable level.

Privatize the CBC
The government should not be competing with private broadcasters. Taking the CBC off the government payroll will save taxpayers 1 billion dollars every year.

Global Warming and Environment: Reject Alarmism and Focus on Concrete Improvements
The Paris Climate Accord is the excuse that politicians around the world having been using to justify carbon taxes. Canada should pull out immediately. Our time and money would be better spent on local Canadian environmental issues, like making sure that all Canadian have access to clean drinking water.


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